Monday, 28 November 2016


For the utilization of foraminifera in deciding geologic connection,

particularly in checking great drillings, techniques not the same as

those utilized for absolutely logical study are important. Speed in

taking care of material is frequently a standout amongst the most essential variables.

Anything that will permit of the best speed and at the same

time the best exactness is basic, and different things might be

relinquished to these.

Shirking of logical names other than that of the family

has been utilized by the essayist as a part of all his monetary work. It has

been discovered adequate to put an example in its legitimate family,

at that point to give it a number with the development character. In this way

Nodosaria-Tm-1 will remain in the work as an unequivocal types of

Nodosaria from the Tertiary and the Miocene Monterey shale;

Nodosaria Cv-1 a specific animal categories from the Cretaceous, Velasco

shale of Mexico. A "sort example" is chosen and mounted as

a changeless reference slide for every "species" or number. A

short portrayal on a card list card is made and petitioned for

reference under its number and camera-lucida drawings in

distinctive perspectives made and documented. As Nodosaria Tm-2 is discovered, it

discovers its appropriate place and is in like manner forever recorded. For

ease in reference, plates are developed of the figures so that all

numbered Nodosarias for example are immediately observed on one plate.

No event emerges for counseling distributed figures or the general

writing which, unless time and an expansive library are accessible,

would most likely result in a wrong particular name being given

to the example. The condensed type of letter and number

makes recording straightforward, makes sections in outlines less troublesome

to handle, and is an incredible help. It additionally puts the species

in its general geologic position for future work. A laborer can

mount, draw, and quickly portray many numbered forjKts: wl)til

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