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tory were depicted (Contrib. Cushman Lab. Foram. Res., vol.

2, pt. 1, 1926, pp. 1-3) , and are rehashed here.

Different techniques have been gone for various years,

in any case, dependably trouble was experienced in getting adequate profundity

of center with the sought amplification. Quite a while back a

strategy was worked out by the essayist, and later put into unequivocal

frame. It has kept on giving amazing results. The fundamental

thought has been to get a negative of the best conceivable profundity

of concentrate paying little mind to amplification, and after that the extension

from this negative to the wanted size. Along these lines the points of interest

are kept with the profound core interest.

For the real capturing a vertical camera is utilized. The

specific camera utilized as a part of the research facility is a sort "H", Bausch

also, Lomb, with the camera parts to take 5x7 plates. Units

are utilized as a part of the plate holders for littler sizes. Any great compound

magnifying lens might be utilized. For target the Micro-Tessars

of Bausch and Lomb are utilized. The 32-millimeter proportional

center has been observed to be of the best esteem despite the fact that those

of more noteworthy central length are amazing for extensive examples. For

centering, the stomach ought to be totally open or about along these lines, however

for the genuine introduction the stop ought to be chopped down in any event

to 11 of the scale, or even to 22 to get the best conceivable sharpness

furthermore, profundity. A visual might be utilized if craved, yet much

the best results are acquired without it. With the sort "H"

camera with the howls reached out to full length, there is an amplification

of the picture on the plate to around 18 to 20 distances across.

This will give an astounding profundity. By all methods a centering

glass of some frame ought to be utilized, and each change of examples

carefully refocused. The whole result relies on upon

this purpose of exceptionally correct core interest. With the blend of a 32-

millimeter, no visual, and cries full length every one of the examples

around of around 5 millimeters might be shot without a moment's delay.

For the lighting, one of the customary Bausch and Lomb

lighting up outfits with a 6-volt, 108-watt light is utilized. This

is put in the most worthwhile position, and after that screwed

to the table to frame a changeless apparatus with a table switch.

With the magnifying instrument and camera altered, the main thing required is

to get the slide in position. The light from this unit will be

discovered exceptionally extraordinary and the shadows it throws extremely dim. In the

research center here a counter-light is utilized. This a 250-watt, 115

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